Our Jet A-1 Fuel is ideal for turbo-engine aircraft as it is equipped with strong combustion and high energy content. We supply our jet fuel in the form of bulk fuel and drummed fuel at any destination airport in Malaysia. Our logistic experts are fully-trained and all equipment used meet the highest level aviation standards.
JP-8 JP-8
Jet Propellant 8 (JP-8) stands as a quintessential jet fuel formulation widely utilised by the United States Military. It is a Kerosene-based fuel that has specific properties suitable for use in military aircraft, including high flash point and a relatively low freezing point.
Aviation Gasoline (AVGAS) Aviation Gasoline (AVGAS)
Our Aviation Gasoline (AVGAS) is widely used to power piston-engine aircraft. It is the most popular aviation fuel demanded by our training academy client. You can count on us for reliable and constant supply of AVGAS 100LL in the form of drummed fuel.